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Studio Policies for the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

I want you to know that I am committed to developing excellence in each of my students.  Young or old, we all want to have fun playing piano.  Part of having fun at the piano is doing it well.  I strive to provide piano lessons that will teach:

Note reading skills

Rhythm/counting skills

Expressive playing

Fluent technique

Functional skills – the ability to play chord charts/lead sheets

When students are secure in these fundamentals, they become lifelong lovers of music and are able to continue learning music long after lessons are completed.

All this sounds very serious!  Don’t worry – I always strive to create a positive teaching environment.Instead of playing pieces “perfectly,” I encourage students to play fluently and expressively.  To aid this process and to have fun, we play games, use flashcards, or use digital games on a tablet to help reinforce note names, rhythm skills, etc.

In a nutshell, I teach from this equation: Excellence + Fun = Love for Music 

TUITION: $375/semester for 30 min lessons

$562.50/semester for 45 min lessons

Please note: Books and other lesson materials are not included in the cost of tuition.

Payment options:

* One full payment by the first lesson of the semester

* Two equal payments; Fall - first payment due August 20, second payment due October 1

                                   Spring – first payment due January 14, second payment due March 4

* Monthly payments due on the first of each month

Forms of Payment:

* Facebook Messenger, Venmo, Paypal

* Personal Check payable to Christy Huskey

* Cash

Late Fees:

* A $25 late fee will be added if the payment is more than one day late.

* A $35 late fee will be added if payment is more than 10 days late.

* Any bank fees associated with a bad check will be charged to the student’s account


Students are expected to prioritize their piano lesson day/time, arriving on time, with all books, their piano notebook, hands clean, and fingernails trimmed - ready to play piano!

In order to be successful in lessons, student MUST PRACTICE at home between lessons!  So…..

1) Students must have an acoustic piano, well-tuned, in a quiet area of their home

OR they must have a full size keyboard (76 keys or more, touch sensitive, weight sensitive) or digital piano

2) Students must practice a minimum of 5 days every week.

Approximately 20-30 min. for beginners, 

30-45 min. for intermediate students, and 

45 min-90 min. for advanced students.

Generally, each assigned piece or exercise should be practiced a minimum of 3 repetitions.

Students should isolate problem measures for “spot practicing” in addition to the 3 repetitions.

ALWAYS strive for the most accurate, most musical playing possible during home practice.Trust me – you will perform the way you practice!If you don’t practice with correct counting at home, don’t expect to play with correct counting in your lesson.

If a student misses lessons excessively or develops a habit of not practicing, they may be asked to withdraw from lessons.


Your lesson time is sacred!  Please guard lesson day/time when scheduling other activities and appointments (doctor, dentist, etc).However, in the case of an unavoidable missed lesson, students can make up one absence per semester.

·To be eligible for a makeup, there must be 24-hour notice before the absence.  Please text or call about the absence – this is the quickest and most reliable ways to communicate with me.

·The missed lesson must be made up within one week of absence and can be made up in one of the following ways:

1) Online lesson, using Skype or Facebook Messenger.  Long distance learning like this prevents the spread of illness and facilitates progress on assigned pieces.

2) Video Lessons – student sends me a video of each of their assigned pieces.  I email/text with feedback.

3) Make up Week – the last week of each semester is set aside for make up lessons as needed.  A student may make up ONE missed lesson during Freebie Week.

If more than one lesson is missed, no makeup lesson will be offered nor will tuition be reduced/refunded.

If I, the teacher, cancel a lesson, the lesson will be made up at the earliest possible time.

At-Home Lessons

At-home lessons are available on a limited basis.  There is an additional fee of $5/lesson for this service.

Just a few guidelines if I am driving to your home to teach piano lessons:

* Piano must be in a location that is conducive to lessons.  During lessons time, the piano area must be quiet with no disturbances.

* Another adult must be present in the home during all lessons.  The adult must be 18yo or older, preferably a parent, guardian or spouse.

* If I arrive at your home and only the student is present, the lesson is forfeited.  No make-up lesson, no reduction of tuition and/or no refund.

* If I arrive at your home and no one is there, I will wait for 5 minutes.  After waiting 5 minutes, if no one arrives, the lesson is forfeited.  No make-up lesson, no reduction of tuition and/or no refund.

* Lessons are timed, using the timer on my phone.  This ensures that lessons begin and end in a timely manner.  Because of other time commitments, I will leave promptly after the lesson is completed.