My commitment to the students in Dr. Christy's PIano Studio is that they will have fun learning while becoming literate musicians for life!  It is my heartfelt conviction that every student, young or old, has music within them.  It is my job to nurture that musical ability.  It is the job of the student (and parents/guardians) to practice at home between lessons and reach goals outlined in each lesson.  When each of us does our job, students love coming to piano lessons and growth takes place at an enjoyable pace.

I teach students of all ages.  I have taught students as young as 4 yo all the way to students in their.....retirement years.  :)  All ages are wonderful!  My teaching approach is tailored to be level-appropriate and developmentally appropriate for each student.

I teach students of all levels.  I have successfully taught elementary-age beginners, adult hobbyists, and college piano majors.  The piano lesson curriculum is adjusted to the goals of each individual student.

My primary goal is that piano students understand how to play piano so well that eventually they do not need my help at all, that is, they become an independent learner.  I also strive to instill a love of all styles of music so students become lifelong lovers of music.

If you have specific questions to see if Dr. Christy's Piano Studio is right for you or your student, please send an email to: