What are the details?  What is needed to take lessons with Dr. Christy?

1) A Desire to Learn.  Piano lessons are most successful when the student truly wishes to learn to play and lessons are not an obligation forced upon them.

2) Daily Practice.  Students must be willing to practice piano lesson assignments DAILY.  With piano lessons comes the responsibility to practice a minimum of 5 days a week.  Any less results in lagging progress and, eventually, discouragement.  The discipline of daily practice feeds progress which leads to JOY in music making!

3) A Piano.  Students must have a well-tuned acoustic piano in a comfortable, quiet environment at home.  A digital piano is sufficient but it must have 76-88 weighted keys and be touch sensitive.  I find that after about one year of lessons, students need a full-size piano to continue their progress.

4) Consistent Attendance.  Students may register for a 30 minute or 45 minute lesson that meets once a week, according to the Studio Calendar.  Consistent attendance to lessons is a must for reinforcement and encouragement.

5) Timely Tuition.  Students must pay tuition in a timely manner, as agreed upon at the beginning of the term.  For current tuition rates, please read the Piano Lesson Policies page.

About Lesson Scheduling:

Times: Lesson times are available during daytime hours as well as after-school hours.  Please email drchristypiano@gmail.com for current availability

Location: Greenbrier piano studio.  In-home lessons for Conway families are available on a limited basis, pending an in-home interview and additional travel fee.